Mini Favor Box Challenge

12:38 PM

Hodwy everyone!

I was apart of a Mini Favor Box Challenge with Pamela Smerker Designs. The challenge was to decorate these cute mini favor boxes and to add little goodies to them. I must say that this was definitely a challenege because the boxes were smaller than what I am use to using and the problem I was running into was finding something different and useful that could go in them besides candy. 

When I think of party favors I like to give away things that people can actually use and not something that will get tossed in the trash or sat in the fridge or on a shelf and forgotten about. 

So with the deadline appoaching and I having no clue what to put in these boxes an idea popped into my head! Most women love nail polish and use hand sanitizer so I made a little kit with those two items with personalized lablels.

What do you think?

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