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Planning the Sweetest of Sweet Sixteen Parties

There is probably no other birthday that is more important to an American girl that her sixteenth.  Parties for this celebration are commonly and fondly known as Sweet Sixteen parties.  For event planners, this can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parties to plan for clients. Your job as the event planner is to make sure that everything is all about the birthday girl. 

***Tip:  Find out from your client during your initial meeting exactly what their child loves.  Questions about favorite colors, celebrities, music, foods, style, and trends will set you upon the right path to planning a successful Sweet Sixteen party.  

Food & Beverage

Adolescents of all ages love sweets and your run-of-the-mill birthday cake will no longer cut it.    Utilize a master baker to design a cake (such as the one pictured) that will have your client swooning.  Also, work with you food and beverage staff to come up with a customized table of sweets. Since this party is for an underaged crowd, make them feel adult like with bottles sparkling beverages with tailored labels.


Balloon formations such as columns take the “kiddy” out of using them for decor.  The balloon columns depicted in the photo below were designed by Unique Parties by Ayana.


Teens love seeing their name displayed. Devise and print sassy signage with the birthday girl’s name, seen here as a cake topper and throughout the party, to make her feel extra special on this extra special occasion.



Party City has fun customizable party favors and candies like lollipops, frooties and gumballs that will have your attendees smacking their lips and smiling from ear-to-ear.

Photo Booth

Your client’s child and their guests will go absolutely nuts when you have set up an Instagram Photo Prop and Booth.  They will love showing the world what an awesome time they are having at the lavishly planned sweet sixteen party.

Photography, styling and printables: Lavish Parties and Prints by Talia
3 tiered Zebra Print Cake: Sam's Club
Swirly Lollipop, Gumballs: Party City
Balloon Columns: Unique Parties by Ayana

Lavish Parties and Prints by Talia (formally know as Talia's Creative Printing)

Planning A Scandalous Affair

Being “Scandalous” has never been so much fun, especially when you are a huge fan of Scandal! Lavish Parties and Prints knows this, which is why we take the time to embrace our client’s vision and produce memory-worthy events.

As an event planner, planning and executing themed birthday parties can be incredibly easy since so much can be linked to the theme. The following items can be used to reflect the running theme of the party:
● Napkins 
● Linen
● Balloons
● Signage
● Plates
● Decor Color Scheme
● Food & Beverage

For example,  We planned this is  Scandal Themed 40th Birthday Party at 
Fishbone's Rhythm Cafe in Southfield, MI.

All of the decor, food, signage, napkins, etc. tie into the theme. This is exactly what every event planner shoots for when taking on this type of event. 

But first things first. Before you begin to plan any event, one must sit down with the client to discuss their vision, budget, venue, decor, and other details. The most important thing is to stick to the budget. It doesn’t matter whether the budget is great or small, you can make miracles happen with enough imagination.

It is also paramount to make sure you have a special section for your client or guest of honor. Sleek, professional signage always adds a classy touch.  The client wanted a sign that displayed her birthday statistics. 

As you can see from the photos, utilizing stemware with catchy themes as party favors, personalized balloons, and handmade centerpieces to further accentuate the ongoing theme are great ways to bring your client’s vision to life


The limits of your imagination and ingenuity are only limited by yourself. If you continue to draw a blank on ideas, conduct some research on your theme. You never know what juicy ideas you could be inspired to employ!

Planning themed birthday parties doesn’t have to be hard. Listen to the client’s wishes, adhere to the budget, plan, and execute with precision! By following these simple steps, you can rest assure that “It’s Handled”!

Vendor Credits:

Photography, styling, Rose ball centerpieces, birthday stat sign, wine glass favors and personalized balloons: Lavish Parties and Prints by Talia

Cake and Pushpops: Brandi Peterson

Restaurant: Fishbone's Rhytm Cafe'

Lavish Parties and Prints by Talia (formally know as Talia's Creative Printing)

New Spring Inspired Recipes and Crafts:
Spring is here and it's a great time to hangout with family and friends. Flowers are blooming, and the weather is nice so it's a good time to have your own party!

Pastel Meringues by Tessa Huff
3 Large egg whites
3/4 Cup caster sugar
 Pinch salt
1/8 Teaspoon cream of tartar
1/2 Vanilla bean, seeds removed
1/4 Cup finely chopped pistachios – for sprinkling
1/2 Cup freeze-dried raspberries, minced –  for sprinkling
1/4 Cup chocolate shavings + the zest of one small orange – for sprinkling
 green, pink, and orange gel food coloring
1.  Preheat oven to 215 degrees F.
2.  Line baking sheets with parchment and set aside.
3.  Place egg whites, sugar and vanilla bean seeds in the bowl of an electric mixer. Whisk to combine.
4.  Add a couple of inches of water to a medium saucepan and heat over medium-high heat. Then place the mixing bowl on top of the saucepan to create a double-boiler.
5.  Heat for about 3-5 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved and mixture is warm to the touch.
6.  Return mixing bowl back to a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment. Beat on high speed until glossy stiff peaks form (about 5-7 minutes or until the bowl of the mixer is cool to the touch).
7.  Halfway through mixing, add in the cream of tartar and salt.
8.  With about 1 minute left, add in gel food coloring.
9. Stop mixer and removed bowl from stand. Add in the raspberries, pistachios, or chocolate shavings and orange zest and gently fold with a rubber spatula to combine.
10. Using a large disher, cooker scoop, or serving spoon, place dollops of meringue on the parchment-lined baking sheets. Then sprinkle with pistachios, raspberries, or chocolate shavings and orange zest.
11. Bake in a preheated oven for 1- 1 1/2 hours, or until the outsides are crisp and dry and the insides are chewy.
12. Serve immediately after cooling or store in an air-tight container away from any humidity.
Fresh Strawberry Cake by The Country Cook

1 box vanilla, white or yellow cake mix
1 (3 oz.) box strawberry gelatin mix (JellO)
4 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
1/4 cup water
1 pint fresh strawberries (or 1 cup crushed fresh strawberries)

1/2 block (4 oz.) cream cheese, softened
1/3 cup butter, softened
2 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tbsp. milk

Preheat oven to 350F degrees
Spray 9x13 baking dish with nonstick cooking spray.
Give your strawberries a good rinse then gently dry them with a paper towel.
Remove the stems and dice them up.
Then stick them in a plastic Ziploc bag and start crushing them up.
This will probably take you a minute or two.
In the bowl, combine cake mix with strawberry gelatin powder.
Mix until combined.
Then stir in your oil, eggs and water.
Once that is combined, add in 1 cup of your smooshed strawberries.
You will want to gently stir those in by hand.
Then pour batter into baking dish.

Bake for about 30-33 minutes.
Allow cake to cool completely before adding frosting.
To make the frosting, mix together your softened butter and softened cream cheese
It's easiest if you have an electric mixer.
Mix until smooth and creamy and lumpfree.
Then mix in powdered sugar, vanilla extract and milk.
Mix until smooth and creamy.
Slather frosting onto cooled cake.
Then slice and serve.
DIY Flower Tea Lights by Glue Dots
DIY Tea Light
Glue Dots® Advanced Strength Dispenser
Faux silk flowers or petals
4 plastic spoons
Battery powered tea light

Flower Tea Light Supplies
  1. First, cut apart your faux flowers. Cut the bottom edge of each petal into a curve.Glue Dots Tea Light Stages
  2. Use pliers to cut the handles off the plastic spoons.
  3. Using Advanced Strength Dispenser, adhere a petal onto each of the spoon backs.
  4. Place two Advanced Strength Glue Dots on top of one another to form a thicker glue dot, and then adhere the spoons to the tea light. The extra helps with the curve of the spoons. The spoons should be evenly spaced around the tea light.
  5. Adhere additional petals around the base of the tea light to form the flower. Fill any gaps. It will take about two more rows of petals.

Flower Tea Light - Lit Up
Yarn Easter Eggs by Six Sister's Stuff

1.  Blow up water balloons. Blow them to the size you want your eggs. 

2. Make your glue. I’ve seen liquid starch, and mod podge, but I didn’t want to use those items so I went back to the basics. Pinata Paste. I first added 1 cup flour and 1 cup water and whisk together. (I used a round cake pan because I could see the flour chunks easier). Then I slowly added a little more water until I got the consistency of Elmer’s glue.

3. Yarn. Next I added my yarn into the bowl and let it soak for about a minute. My yarn was about 3 yards long per egg. Some people us a lot of yarn on their eggs but I didn’t want to use a ton. I like the fact that you can see through them. If you don’t have enough yarn.. no worries you can soak another piece of yarn and continue on the same balloon.

4. Put Your Yarn On Your Balloon. As I slowly pulled the yarn out of the glue I would run it through my fingers to get rid of any access glue. The less glue you have the cleaner your eggs will be.

When you are finished to put them on a cookie sheet. I put mine outside to dry in the sun and it didn’t take very long. Don’t forget to roll them over to get the bottom side of the ballon dry. I also let my balloons dry and harden completely overnight and inside so they won’t blow away. 

Yarn Easter Egg Tutorial | Easter Crafts