Sunday, September 14, 2014

{Prescription for Love} Bridal Shower

{Prescription for Love} Bridal Shower 

I was asked to design a prescription pad invitation for a bridal shower along with a custom logo design to be used on the bride to be's stationery. After designing the invitation and receiving many requests for it, I took it a step further and designed an entire printable set. For this shower I chose to use colors of turquoise, hot pink, pink, white and orange. Since I work in the medical field it was fun and easy do this shower theme. 

The prescription pad invitation is enclosed inside of a metallic petal card, tied with a ribbon using the David's Bridal ribbon tying method, embellished with pink and silver rhinestones from Michael's Craft Store

The inspiration this shower was quite simple and that was to combine wedding and medical together.

When I am doing a party set up I love for all of the stationery to have the same design, you will see that as you go through the set up of the table.

Of course you can't have a medical themed shower with out your "Happy Pills". I use screw top containers and added pearlescent sixlets from Party City.

Custom Wine Glasses are so popular now and these adorable bridal gown glasses make great party favors. You can order them from Vinyl Eloquence along with your wedding info on them or each guests name or initial and they can take them home after the shower is over.

A cupcake a day keeps the doctor away! I jazzed up some Walmart cupcakes by using custom made acrylic cupcake toppers from Ten23 Designs and also a set from my printable collection.

Let's not forget about the "Sterile Utensils' when serving your guests. These bling spoons, forks and knives are one of our signature bling items and make a item to use if you want to add some "Bling" to your candy buffets or tablescape.

Who doesn't like cookies? These adorable Hearts with stethoscopes and pill cookies were made by Creating Awesomenessity and complimented the theme just perfectly.

Who says you can't have your own wine? As a Novelty item only, we love to personalize our wine bottle labels to match them theme of the even. The name of this wine is "Marry Me Moscato". After all this is a bridal shower right? When choosing a wine I chose Moscato because the top of the wine was orange and perfectly matched the colors of the event.

Ring pops inside of a crystal ring box was a great way to display your candy ring jewelry.

Where did she get that?


Monday, September 8, 2014

The Guide to Stationery

The Guide to Stationery: History
by Bethsaida Romelus

Stationery means any writing materials used in the act of writing. These materials include paper, office supplies, greeting cards, envelopes, brochures, pencil cases and more.

The History of Stationery
Stationery has been used as a way of communication for centuries. The Egyptians used parchment, material made out of animal skin, to spread information and document events. The wealthy were the ones that could afford these materials. However, parchment was not a reliable material to write on and was easily breakable. 
Via WeHeartIt
Egyptians soon created new technology and techniques to create more reliable and robust stationery. They used a plant called, papyrus, to create new material. Minuteman Press explains the process, "It was made by stem strips put together in single lines, layer after layer and crosswise. After being moistened and hammered into a solid sheet, they were left to dry for several days. This new form of stationery held up better under humid conditions and did not mold or rot."(p. 1) It was used throughout Europe for almost 200 years but it was expensive. Some people believe that the word "paper" comes from the word "papyrus". Papyrus still exists and is now used for flower arrangements.

Paper and China
Ts'ai Lun, a Chinese man, is credited for creating a paper printing process that was used around the globe for centuries. He combined mulberry tress and bamboo fibers, than mixed them with water, and pounded on them. It was great writing surfaces for paper. His process got better when bamboo was replaced with linen fibers. 
Via WeHeartIt
In the 12th Century, a German man named Johannes Gutenberg redefined the printing process. He removed the work used by hand and replaced it with machines. So printing paper was easy. The first materials printed in mass copy was the Bible.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{Doc Madison's 3rd Birthday Party} Doc Mcstuffins Inspired

{Doc Madison's 3rd Birthday Party} 
Doc Mcstuffins Inspired

My niece is in LOVE with Doc Mcstuffins! She just turned 3 and all she could talk about was her party! I didn't know children at her age knew what a party was, I surely don't remember by 3rd birthday. Everytime someone would talk to her she would ask "are you coming to my party?" 
She even prayed by saying "Jesus please don't let it rain at my party"  Too cute!

Any who, let's get to the details.

First stop was patient check in with Doc Madison. 

Doc Madison Graduated from McStuffins University!
You can view her credential below.

While you are waiting to be called for your appointment, have some refreshments. Yes Doc Madison has her own cookies!

After you check in, you will be taken to the nurses station to have your temperature check with these yummy chocolate covered thermometers. (Only if we could have these in real life)

Did Doc Madison request any bloodwork? Don't worry, we have cotton balls to cover that boo boo.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Doc Madison said to
 make sure that you are eating your fruits and veggies!

We have saline just in case patients need an IV.

Last stop is to the pharmacy to pick up your "Maddycillin" (candy for the kids)

Styling and Design: Talia's Creative Printing
Photography: Leanna DeFelice
Doc McStuffins Cookies: Creating Awesomenessity
Signage, water bottle labels, prescription candy bottles, chocolate covered pretzels, Doc Madison's Medical License and bling tongs: Talia's Creative Printing