How to create a simple Daytime Summer Picnic!

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How to create a simple Daytime Summer Picnic!
Summer is the most warm and fun season of the year because it creates great opportunities for outdoor activities! One activity I recommend participating in is a Daytime Summer Picnic with friends and family.  This picnic isn't extravagant; instead it’s humble and easily-accessible. It can be easily manageable so you can spend less time sweating on minor details and more time entertaining your friends. Here is what the picnic should consist of:

Supplies & Decor
Picnic Basket Traditionally, this is the ideal carrier for food and supplies. I would store most of the supplies like plastic air-tight containers, plates, and cups in there. Don’t forget to pack the garbage bag to clean up afterwards!
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Blankets You can use blankets to sit or lay on outside. They are comfortable and most of them are large enough for more than one person to sit on. You can use a blanket that you already own or you can buy one at stores. I suggest using blankets in these bright summer colors:
·         Yellow
·         Orange
·         Green
·         Red
·         Purple
·         Hot Pink

Pillows Large and soft pillows can be used for seating or picnic decoration. They can increase the décor appeal of the picnic if they match the colors of the blankets.

Flowers in Glasses Like every other season, summer has its own type of flowers. I recommend using them as decoration by inserting the flowers in glass vases or jars and placing them near the picnic basket. Summer flowers include:
·         Carnations
·         Irises
·         Pentas
·         Zinnas
·         Portulacas
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Ice Bucket or Cooler An ice bucket or cooler is great for refrigerating drinks or food to be used later. To create an ice bucket, simply pour ice into a bucket. When picking a cooler, seek air-tight gasket seals around lids and on larger ones, a leak-proof spigot for draining melted and dirty water.

Drinks & Food
Drinks If you are going to buy big brand soda I recommend, my personal choice, buying Coca Cola or Sprite. But a healthier choice is using bottled water and lemonade.

Picnic Sides  Traditional sides are potato salads, black bean hummus, chips and dip, and pretzels. Trays of fruit can be great side dishes also. I recommend slicing fruit into bite-sized pieces and then serving them. The fruit I suggest slicing are:
·         Bananas
·         Watermelon
·         Cucumbers
·         Oranges
·         Strawberries
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Sandwiches Sandwiches are very versatile and they are usually ready to eat. Everyone loves them! Here are some simple sandwiches that won’t take too long to be put together.
·         Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
·         Tuna Sandwiches
·         Cheese Hamburgers
·         Italian Subs
·         Reuben Sandwiches

Desserts A Picnic wouldn’t be a picnic without DESSERTS! Never be ashamed in feeding your sweet tooth. The most commonly used desserts are:
·         Chocolate Chip Cookies
·         Chocolate Brownies
·         Strawberry and Blueberry Fruit Cup with Frosting
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There you have it folks! Guidelines to create your own Daytime Summer Picnic! Comment below and tell us what you think.

It's small, simple, and if nicely decorated, MEMORABLE!

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