Have a Backyard Date Night!

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Have a Backyard Date Night!

Are you tired of dating out? Not everybody can afford to constantly go out to movies, restaurants, and clubs. So I suggest, that instead of going out for a fun night, have a fun and romantic night at home. Let's change things up again by creating a romantic setting outside under the moonlight:

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1. Do you have a mattress and a backyard? If yes, I recommend bringing the mattress outside and placing it in the middle of the yard. Cover it with clean sheets and a soft comforter.

If you don't have a usable mattress, use a couch or sofa. If you don't have a backyard use a balcony, rooftop, or go to a public park. 

2. Bring soft and colorful pillows to decorate the mattress. You can spread them around or arrange them in bed-room style.

3. Bring and light wax candles. Candles help set the mood. You and your date can watch as the flames dance in the night. Arrange them carefully around the backyard and make sure they are not near anything flammable.

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1. Do you have an iPod or any other device that plays music? Turn on your playlist and let the music blast. You and your date can dance, sing-along, or talk while the music is playing.

2. You can watch movies on a large screen television or on a portable device. Use your Netflix subscription to look for romantic comedies or dramas so you two can watch it together. Cozy up to each other between the sheets as you focus on the screen.

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3. You can read books out loud to each other. This might sound weird, I know, but it can be fun. Do you and your date have similar taste in books? If yes, pick a book that you both like and start reading passages to each other. It can be serious as The Book of Unknown Americans: A novel to spark discussions or silly and funny as Mad Libs to create laughs. Your choice.

The last finishing touch to a romantic backyard date night is the moon and the stars. When you are both done with the activities you can start star-gazing. You can figure out star constellations or appreciate the moon's dazzling presence.

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I hope you guys love these ideas and try them for yourselves. Comment and tell us what you think.

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