Candy How-Tos

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So I decided that it will be cool to share some creative candy ideas I found online. These look really tasty and fun. So I hope you guys try them out at home:

How to Create a Candy Tree by lookiewhatidid:

Small Terra Cotta Pot
Styrofoam Cone
Styrofoam Ball - 5" fits perfect into the Terra cotta pot
Washi or Craft tape
Candy - Fun Size or Snack Size
Hot Glue Gun
Food coloring
Clothes pins
Bamboo skewers

1. Glue the Styrofoam Ball into the bottom of the pot.
2.Wrap the stick in Washi tape. Insert it in the Styrofoam Cone. Than insert it in the Styrofoam Ball. 
3. Start by applying a small dot of hot glue (set on the lowest setting) to the top of the wrapper and press it onto the cone.  Leave about an inch hanging off and repeat this step until the entire bottom row is covered with candy.  After the first row is full, start repeating the steps for the second row making sure there is a slight overlay from the other row and continue all the up until you have reached the top.

How to Create a Crayon Candy Dish by :
1. Crayon
2. Hot Glue Gun
3. Glass Jar
Crayon Candy Dish Supplies
1. Attach crayons to the glass jar with the hot glue gun. 
Inside of the Crayon Candy Jar
2. Insert candy in the jar!
Candy in the Candy Dish

How to Make Rock Candy by Paging Fun Mums:
A bag of sugar
Jars/Champagne Flutes
DIY Rock Candy!
1. Add your water to the saucepan and bring to the boil
2. Start adding the sugar a 1/2 cup at a time, until it no longer dissolves (making a saturated sugar solution). The more sugar you add, the longer it will take to dissolve. Be patient and try to get as much to dissolve as possible.
3. Take your mixture off the heat and allow to cool – approximately 15 minutes.
DIY Rock Candy!
4. While you are waiting, take a plate and add some sugar to it. Get your skewers and dip them into the liquid sugar mixture then dip it into the plain sugar to coat the stick. This will give your Rock Candy something to ‘grow on’. Let them dry for a few minutes until they are completely dry – if they are still too wet when you put them into the hot sugar solution, all of the sugar coating will fall off, and the new crystals will have nothing to grow on.
5. Set out your champagne flutes/jars and add a few drops of food colouring to the bottom of each. Carefully add the sugary solution to each glass/jar and give it a little stir. 
DIY Rock Candy!
6. Take your sugary skewers & place a peg at the top of each and place into the glasses (make sure they do not touch the bottom or sides as this will hinder the ‘growing process’.
7. Now it’s time to be patient. The crystals will start growing in 2 – 3 days, but depending on how big you want your Rock Candy sticks will depend on how long you will need to keep them in the glasses (we let ours grow for 2 weeks). 
8. When you are ready to remove them, gently break the top with a butter knife or other sharp object. Gently remove the skewer and hang it upside down until the excess liquid drips off and it dries. You can pour out the liquid from the glass and use the glass to hang the skewer and catch the excess liquid.
DIY Rock Candy!

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