Gift Wrapping made easy with World Market and Expressionery #ExpressioneryWRAPS

8:00 AM

Have you heard of World Market? I hadn't heard of them until recently. 
They offer unique, authentic and affordable items for home décor, home entertaining, and gift giving. 

After a recent trip to, I picked up some items for a few gifts. They have some cute items for gift gift giving, tissue paper, ribbon, gift tags, baskets, and more!

 I created these lovley gifts with the items from World Market and my custom stamp from Expressionery

A custom wine basket with mini bottles of Moscato, Pinot Grio White Wine Salami, Wooden coasters, Brie cheese with a personalized gift tag created with my custom stamp from Expresionnery.

 A custom made glitter soup bowl or coffee mug houses items from World Market such as tea bags, coffee and chocolate, embellished with World Market's tissue paper, ribbon, crinkle paper and tags. For a more personal touch, I stamped a little note from me to my recipeint using my custom made stamp from Expressionery wraps.

You have a chance to a $250 VISA Gift Card, a custom stamp and a $100 World Market Gift Card (Value $400)  Please note that the contest will run through the 31st



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