How to use National Holidays in your Marketing

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Every day you hear about National Day this and National Day that. We all know about the major holidays (Labor Day, Independence Day, Christmas, etc) but we don't have to wait for a major holiday to celebrate.  There is a National Holiday for just about every day of the year.  These national daily Holidays can be used to create some fun and interesting marketing campaigns to show the fun side of your brand and also bring awareness.   

One of everyone's favorite was National Donut Day, June 5, 2015. On this day Dunkin Donuts offered a buy one get one deal, customers who purchases a beverage received a FREE donut.

On National Relaxation Day, August 15, 2015, people shared their favorite ways to relax, people in the industry that helps people relax shared relaxation techniques, specials on spa services. Just about any business owner can particiapate in promoting National Relaxation Day by offering stress free shopping from the comforts of your customers own home, providing delivery or in home services. #NationalRelaxationDay

National Dessert Day is October 14, 2015.  It's celebrated annually on October 14.  Perfect day for sharing those sweets and treats you bake or make. Sharing some of your most popular desserts. Asking your fans and customers what their favorite desserts are. Offer a special promotion or coupon code. Use Hashtag #nationaldessertday in your posts to your social media pages.

National Dessert Day - October 14

National Cake Decorating Day is October 15, 2015. If you are a cake decorator then consider getting on Periscope/ Google Hangouts by hosting a live tutorial on a cake decortaing skill you'd like to share with your followers. You can start promoting your event now using hashtag #NationalCakeDecoratingDay. Or share some of your favorite techiques in a blog post.  Another idea is to host a cake decorating competition/award event with some fellow bakers. Get Creative with this holiday and don't forget to use the hashtag. 

National Cake Decorating Day - October 15

On the National Sweetest Day, October 17, 2015, a day of Love celebrated by people of all ages. This holiday brings in promotions of chocoloate covered desserts, baked goods, jewelry, clothing, perfumes and colognes, floral arrangements and so much more! If you haven't started then start now with promotions for this holiday. Use hashtag #NationalSweetestDay

National Sweetest Day - Third Saturday in October

October 15, 2015 Did you know that the third Thursday of every Quarter (January, April, July and October) was Get to know your customers day? Great opportunity to spotlight a past customer and to get to know some of your new ones. Post engaging questions on social medi to get to know them. #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

I've just listed a few ideas above but you can be as creative as your brand allows. Here is the National Day Calendar for your reference. You can start now by creating a National Holiday Day Marketing Calendar.
There is some software out there but you can also use Google Calendar.

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