Ditch those candy bags! Party Favor alternatives

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Party Bags seem like a thing of the past. Way too often your child may receive a bag filled with candy that they may not be able to eat because the parent hosting didn't take into consideration the age of the children. Smaller children shouldn't be given extremely hard candy. Age plays a factor and a few other things such as food allergies. We composed a list of alternatives to candy bags.

1.) T-shirts- Coloring t-shirts are an awesome party favor in addition to an awesome party activity. Kids can color their own t shirts and take home as a party favor. We currently offer this option for parties and their are tons of tutorials on how to make your own if you are a DIY'er.

2.) A craft activity centered around the party's themed. 
We were hired to create a candy table for a Candyland Themed Party so we added a DIY Bubblegum necklace station for the girls to make their own edibe bubble gum necklaces. 

3.) Custom drinkware- Custom drinkware is another great alternative to candy bags. Reminds you of visitng an amusement park and taking home a sourvenir cup. You can order custom drinkware or create your own.


4.) Cake pops- Most children and even adults tend to waste cake. Cake pops are served in smaller portions, most are individually wrapped and are very easy to serve this way.

5.) Party Kits- Centered around the party's theme tailor your party kits with item. Kits can include games, craft projects and more.

6.) Games- Most kids love games. Find age appropriate games for your guests to take home with them. A cute game that is currently out is called "Pie Face". This game is fun for kids and adults. You can pick it up at your local Walmart or Target.

7.) Coloring books- Kids and even some adults LOVE to color. Coloring books are an inexpensize party favor idea. You can pick up coloring books from your local Dollar Tree or Dollar store.  Don't forget the crayons!

8.) Flower pots with seeds- Create a DIY Watch It Grow gift by adding seeds and dirt to  mini terra cotta pots and adding gardening tools appropriate for kids. Oriental Trading has kits that can be purchased.

9.) Superhero Mask and/or Cape kit- Your young guests can create their own superhero capes and masks. I found theses cape kits on Etsya shop called Capes and More. Tell them we sent you. 

4 Pack DIY Cape Set - Self Adhesive Felt Shapes - Cape Decorating Kit - Party Capes - Superhero Party Activity  - Quick Shipping

10.) Cookies- Custom Cookies are quite the hit at events. Divine Party Planning created these adorably cute and yummy cookies for my sister's Paris themed sweet table. They ship all over the US.

11.) Fruit skewers- A great alernative to candy. A natural way for kids to get their sugar. Found these yummy skewers on Finger Prickin Good's Blog.

What would you opt for instead of the traditional candy bag? Comment below.

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