FREE Tool- Create your Business Story on Facebook!

9:38 AM

Facebook has reached 3 million businesses who use the advertising feature on their social network. To celebrate they launched a FREE tool called "Your Business Story" and In a few clicks you can make a video that tells people what your business brings to the world. 


Facebook shared this information on their page:

"Today, three million businesses actively advertise on Facebook. That’s three million companies from all over the world, with more than 70% from outside of the US.
Each of these businesses has a unique story and mission. Whether it’s fashion or fitness, confidence or creativity, each business offers something to its customers and communities that no one else does.
To celebrate the businesses that use Facebook to grow, we created Your Business Story—a tool that makes it easy to create a video that shows what your business brings to the world. Because we believe the best way to tell the story of three million businesses is to empower each one to share their own."

Here is the one we created for our page. You can click here to create your own.

*Social Media Share TIP: The video is 15 seconds long which is perfect for instagram so once your video is ready to view you, you can download it and share it to Instagram.

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