{Doc Madison's 3rd Birthday Party} Doc Mcstuffins Inspired

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{Doc Madison's 3rd Birthday Party} 
Doc Mcstuffins Inspired

My niece is in LOVE with Doc Mcstuffins! She just turned 3 and all she could talk about was her party! I didn't know children at her age knew what a party was, I surely don't remember by 3rd birthday. Everytime someone would talk to her she would ask "are you coming to my party?" 
She even prayed by saying "Jesus please don't let it rain at my party"  Too cute!

Any who, let's get to the details.

First stop was patient check in with Doc Madison. 

Doc Madison Graduated from McStuffins University!
You can view her credential below.

While you are waiting to be called for your appointment, have some refreshments. Yes Doc Madison has her own cookies!

After you check in, you will be taken to the nurses station to have your temperature check with these yummy chocolate covered thermometers. (Only if we could have these in real life)

Did Doc Madison request any bloodwork? Don't worry, we have cotton balls to cover that boo boo.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Doc Madison said to
 make sure that you are eating your fruits and veggies!

We have saline just in case patients need an IV.

Last stop is to the pharmacy to pick up your "Maddycillin" (candy for the kids)

Styling and Design: Talia's Creative Printing
Photography: Leanna DeFelice
Doc McStuffins Cookies: Creating Awesomenessity
Signage, water bottle labels, prescription candy bottles, chocolate covered pretzels, Doc Madison's Medical License and bling tongs: Talia's Creative Printing

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