What does "R.S.V.P." or "Regrets Only" mean and why is it important?

1:31 PM

People tend to use R.S.V.P. on most of their invitations yet alot of people do not know what it means.  Could this be the reason that most RSVP's are not responded to?  RSVP is a french term that stands for "répondez, s'il vous plaît" which mean "reply please".  RSVP's are requested from guests so that the host can get an close to accurate head count of how many people will be attending their event. If an RSVP is requested from the event host then it is more than polite to send your RSVP information to the host.  If you don't respond with your RSVP then it could cause numerours problems for the host such as being able to properly provide the amount of food, beverages, seating, favors and more! 

Another term you may see on an invitation is "regrets only". This term is used only if your certain that you will NOT make it to the event. If you know that you will NOT be attending the event please call the host and let them know right away.

I hope this has cleared some things up about the meaning of "RSVP" and "Regrets Only" so that the next time you receive an invitation asking you to RSVP or asking for regrets only, you can respond with confidence and in a timely manner. :)

Ms. Talia Foster

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I work for event planning and service department and folks REALLY NEED to understand the importance of those.


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