5 Ways to get Professional Photos of your Work

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Today I'd like to share some ways to get professional photos of your work. In my industry (Event styling and design) it's a must and people want to see MY work, MY designs.  If you are in an industry where you need to showcase YOUR work then take a look at the list below, enjoy and good luck!

1.) Collaborate- Collaboration is an awesome way to get professional photos of your work in a real setting. If there is a photographer that you'd like to work with or another business professional you'd like to work with, reach out to them and see about possibly collaborating or gifting them an item of yours that you really want/need photographed.

2.) Photography intern- Hiring an intern could be great for your business. Keep in mind that some interns may still be learning photography techniques and developing your their skill. You can search for interns at your local colleges or post ads online through www.internships.com and www.barefootstudent.com 

3.) Styled photoshoots- Styled shoots are an awesome way to showcase your item (s) in a styled manner. You'd want to hire or collaborate with a professional photographer and possibly a few other vendors. Possibly seek out other vendors you'd like to work with and offer them professionally photographed photos of their work. Pick a date, location, theme and your items for your shoot, style them in the manner in which you want them photographed. Don't be shocked if some of your vendors want you to pay for their items but definitely try asking if they'd donate, rent or allow you to use for the shoot.

4.) Mockups- Mockups are professionally photograph items with a blank space for you to insert your artwork/designs. If you are an apparel designer you could use a T-shirt or Tote bag mockup to showcase your artwork.

Take a look at some samples below.

Party Mockup


Cupcake Mockup


T-Shirt Mockups


5.) Cell phone apps- There are some great apps for photo editing with use for your cell phone.
You can adjust the brightness, saturation, exposure, etc to get an even better photo. Be sure that the photo you take with your cell phone is a sharp photo with no blur, I haven't discovered an app to correct a blurred photo. Here are a few cell phone editing apps

  • PicsArt Studio (my current favorite)
  • Pixlr
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Fotor
  • Qwik
How do you obtain professional photos of your work? Please leave a comment in the comment section below.


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