Event Feature: Our Parisan Burlesque Birthday Party

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Our Parisan Burlesque Birthday Party: Black Mettallic Gatefold layered the inside with the invitation, tied with a ribbon and embellished with a Hot Pink Marabou Feather.
So my mom and I are exactly 20 years apart and both of our birthdays are in the same month so for the last several years we have our birthday parties/dinners together. It's so much fun partying with my mom. a few years ago we had a Red Carpet/ Oscar Night Party. It was actually a surprise for her and she helped with the event and everything. Well a few months ago I posted on facebook that I was looking for a fun theme and it was suggested to do a Moulin Rouge party. I loved that idea because I wanted to do a Paris theme but not focus too much on Paris alone. I did alot of research and found out that alot of places did not carry Parisian Burlesque themed items. I searched and searched and searched. I found alot of things I needed out of the country and the shipping was so extremly expensive that it wasn't worth purchasing anything. Still sticking with the theme I did more research and low and behold I came up with an idea. My mom and I are BIG on entertainment for our events or events we host. What's a party without a little entertainment right? It's just a party. It's funny because our guests always know that we have something up our sleeve. lol

I went with a Black Mettallic Gatefold sleeve  layered the inside with the invitation, a swarovski rhinestone in the center of the windmill, tied with a ribbon and embellished with a Hot Pink Marabou Feather. I also printed our envelops with a Paris stamp clipart.

We had our party at the Detroit Historical Museum (One of our favorite venues). We went with small feather centerpieces as the venue is very well decorated with all of the exhibits so we didn't want to take away from that with those tall feather centerpieces.

Our photographer captured some of the exhibits.

We put our cake decorating skills to work and made cupcakes and cake pops. My dear friend Kagi of Sweetened By Kagi made our cupcake toppers with the Burlesque legs, eiffel tower and corsets.

We had chocolate covered pretzels from the ladies of Dolci Edible Pleasures.

I made my grand entrance!

My mom and I looked fabulous! Our banner was custom designed by 
Kwa of Unique Banners and Signs. 

I made my skirt myself, my headpiece was made by my aunt, she can sew her tail off! My honey stoned my corset for me. I really enjoyed working on my outfit.

 My friend Ms Char Sloan came dressed to impress! She is the owner of SOULutions Mobile Spa. She isn't called the "Massage Rockstar" for nothing!

We had a wine tasting station with Parisian Wines and Champagne. Chuck Jackson of Detroit City Cellars/ Vino Papi edcuated our guests on the wine selections for the evening. 

More guests who came dressed for the occasion.

 Now for the entertainment I was telling you about. As I said up top I did a little more research and Moulin Rouge could be a combo of many different themes like circus, burlesque, etc so I contacted a few companies and they all suggested stilt walkers. The guests were in awe when they walked out above their heads. They were true professionals and knew their way around on those stilts. The floor in the museum is made of cobble stone to respresent the "Streets of Old Detroit".  

We had a burlesque dancer (not pictured) and a Magician.

More guests posing for the camera.

Our fabulouse money trees created by a family friend. My mom and I love them!

Our party favors were luggage tags. 

 Everyone had such a great time! People were calling my mom my the next day asking when was the next event. lol

Venue: Detroit Historical Museum
Entertainment: Stilt Walkers, Magician and Burlesque Dancer
Invitations/ Decor /Favors: Talia's Creative Printing and Event Favors
Bartenders: Mr Bartender
Wine Tasting Station: Chuck Jackson Jr.
Food: Mrs C's Catering
Dj: Mr Ray OShay

Make Up: Brandi Taylor of X-QuisiteLooks By Ms.Brandi Professional Makeup Artist
Photographer: Natashua Sanders of Sweet Peas & Stilettos Photography & Design
Cupcake Toppers: Sweetened by Kagi
Cupcakes: Talia's Creative Printing and Event Favors

Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Dolci Edible Pleasures
Event Coordinator: Talia Foster of Talia's Creative Printing -Fabulous Stationery and Event Favors

Ms. Talia Foster
Talia's Creative Printing

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