Summer Business Ideas for Kids

10:15 AM

Since school is out and the children are home, they need something constructive to do.
I know most kids want to work but don't meet the age requirements or companies just aren't hiring. 
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Here are some good ideas for summer employment for kids/teens.

  1. Lemonade/ Snack Stand-Great place for sports camps and summer events. Check with your city to see if you need a permit.
  2. Landscaping/ Mowing Lawn
  3. House Keeping
  4. Babysitting/ House sitting and Pet Sitting
  5. Dog walking
  6. T-shirts and clothing
  7. Tutoring
  8. Social Media Management
  9. Car Wash
  10. Gardening
  11. Home Window Washing
  12. Home organization
  13. Yard sale assistant
  14. Flyer distribution for businesses
  15. Errand service
  16. Assisting the elderly or disabled
  17. Packaging service for businesses
  18. Composing emails and writing newsletters 

What are some ways you made money as a child/teen and what are some ways your child is making money during the summer?

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