{Blow Pop Flowers}

3:54 PM


I was on babysitting duty today so what a great time to do a little crafting with my 3 yeard old niece. 
I wanted something she could be involved in and something that would keep her attention span and something she would like doing so I chose to make Blow Pop Flowers with her.

Supplies you'll need:
Blow pops or suckers
Cupcake liners
Twist ties or wire
Green duct or painters tape
Hole puncher

Fold your cupcake liners in half and punch a hole in the bottom of them.

Cut a strip of tape and put your wire or twist ties in the middle then fold over.

Cut out a triangle in the middle (this is where you will wrap them around the sucker stick.

Once you have all of your material done you can start creating your flowers. Slide the sucker stick through the punched hole in your wrapper (I used about 6-8 liners per flower).
You can use as many or as little as you like.
Once your wrappers are on, tie your stems (green tape/wire with twist ties) just below your wrapper to create your leaf effect.

Where did she get that?

Photography/Styling: Lavish Parties and Prints By Talia
Owl Cupcake Liners: Target
Charms Blow Pops: Target
Twist Ties: Local Cake Decorating Store
Green Duck Tape: Target

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