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As we are building our businesses it would be nice to use resources that are FREE or close to free as possible especially if you are in the start up stage of business building. 

I'd like to share a few free resources that I use to assist me in running my business.

For those of us looking for an accounting solution I came across Wave Accounting. It's a free accounting, reporting and invoicing application.

If you are a user of Instagram then you are going to want to check out Iconosquare. This app can be used from a desktop or mobile device. It's an Instagram viewer in addition to providing social analytics, tools for contests & brand community management. Iconosquare is a good app if you are also working on a marketing plan for instagram.

Next on our list is TakeOff. This app analyzes your Instagram feed and informs you when is the best time to post your content to be seen by most of your followers. You can utilize the manual scheduling feature as well.

Looking for another way to communicate or collaborate with your client or team then you may want to check out Asana. With Asana you can create tasks/to do lists, mark them with due dates, assign them to specific people, attach notes, photos. With Asana, everything stays in one place which makes it easy to find tasks.

If you are interested in more resources then check out this blog post "My top tools I use to run my business"

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