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I wanted to share a few benefits to having a facebook business page.

Take a look at the list below.

Facebook business page benefits:

1) When posting to your business page you can choose to post as yourself or as your business page. Make sure you are posting as your business page. After you post you can comment or like your post as yourself by changing the "liking and commenting" option to yourself.  This will make the post visible in your newsfeed for your connections to see.

2) You can schedule posts to your facebook page for the day, week or month, etc.

3) Facebook pages have analytical data that shows you lots of information about your page such as which post types are the best, when are your fans are online, page likes, post reach, engagement of posts, visits, etc.

4) You can use fb ads to boost your posts for as little as $1. You can use their targeted marketing feauture to reach your target audience.

5) You can add tabs and/or use 3rd party tools for your page.

6) You can add a location to your page and people can check in to your page when they visit.

7) You can restrict your audience by country and age. You have access to moderation and profanity blacklists to control the conversation.

8) Facebook Business Pages are quickly indexed by search engines based on the keywords used in your business page title.

9) Facebook business pages are public so yoru page can be easily searched and post can be shared publicly automatically.

10) You can engage with your fans and community for free

11) Like gates: You can offer things on your page that is only available via like gating. This means the person would have to like your page in order to see what the offer is.

12) You can like and comment on other pages as your brand gaining more exposure.

13) You can choose a user name for your page.

14) Lead generation by using apps on your page.

15) You can add feeds from your other social networks to your page such as Pinterest and Instagram​

16) You and other people can tag your brand in posts and pictures.

If you have any more benefits to list be sure to post them in the comments below.

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