Creative ways to "Unbox" your Brand

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Hey there, glad you joined me today! Today we talk about "unboxing" your brand. When your client receives ther package from you what is the first things they see before getting to the actual product? They see your packaging!

What is Brand Unboxing you ask?  Brand unboxing is delivering your products in a creative way by using unique packaging and shipping materials to increase the value of your product. Most of us don't think about our packaging as much as we do our products but both are equally important to create a awesome experience for our clients.  So I want to share a few ideas on how to step up your packaging and unboxing experience for your clients.  I am sharing these ideas with you because I am also in the process of stepping up my unboxing experience.

What ways can I add value to create an awesome unboxing experience?

Boxes, envelopes or other shipping packages- The first thing your customer will see is the box or envelope your package arrived in. You can enhance the packaging by using custom printed boxes or for an inexpensive alternative you can add a custom printed label/sticker or stamp your boxes/envelopes using a custom made with your logo.  You can use purchase shipping boxes from Staples, Uline, Walmart or other office supply stores.


Tissue paper- Tissue paper can add some fun and excitement to your unboxing experience but can also be pricey. There are plenty of retailers online who sell custom printed tissue paper. Other options would be to use your company colors or make your own by using that same custom you used to stamp your boxes. Making your own can save you some money and add a personal touch.

Tape- Most of us opt for clear or kraft tape but you can also add a little oomph to your inboxing experience by using colored taped to match your company's brand.  Another option which is a little more expensive is getting custom made tade with your logo/business infomation on it.  Uline offers custom printing for tape.

Thank you cards- You can be creative with this one as well. Thank you cards come in all shapes and sizes from 4 x 6, 5 x 7, folded, flat, shaped, etc. An inexpensive alternative would be to opt for a business card size "Thank You" card.  Business cards are relatively inexpensive and can be used as a "Thank You" tags as well as a small card.  Thank you cards also don't have to be cards at all, you can include small "Thank you gifts" such as candy, pens, samples of other products or new products you are working on, asking them to be apart of a panel to provide feedback on products and ideas.

Business cards- A no brainer! Remember to include your business card. Once they finally get to opening their package from you I'm sure they'll be tooting your horn and passing out your card or taking a picture of it and posting it to social media. Also remember that business cards have many other uses as well so try out 1 or a few from the list below.  

 Another option for business cards would be to opt for a different shaped card. Here are two examples:

A) My own which are square

B) Nellie's Treats which are circle

Stickers- Stickers can be used in all types of creative ways. You can use stickers to seal your boxes, envelopes or other packaging product. You can include stickers inside of your package for your customers.  Use as a way to advertise a sale, highlight a new product or a best selling product.  Use as a way to advertise your business by including your information, if you noticed from the business card information posted above I printed my business card on sticker paper and used it as a sticker on my box. Just another way to use your business card.

How do you "Unbox" your brand?

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