Planning A Scandalous Affair {Latondra's Scandal Themed 40th Birthday}

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Planning A Scandalous Affair

Being “Scandalous” has never been so much fun, especially when you are a huge fan of Scandal! Lavish Parties and Prints knows this, which is why we take the time to embrace our client’s vision and produce memory-worthy events.

As an event planner, planning and executing themed birthday parties can be incredibly easy since so much can be linked to the theme. The following items can be used to reflect the running theme of the party:
● Napkins 
● Linen
● Balloons
● Signage
● Plates
● Decor Color Scheme
● Food & Beverage

For example,  We planned this is  Scandal Themed 40th Birthday Party at 
Fishbone's Rhythm Cafe in Southfield, MI.

All of the decor, food, signage, napkins, etc. tie into the theme. This is exactly what every event planner shoots for when taking on this type of event. 

But first things first. Before you begin to plan any event, one must sit down with the client to discuss their vision, budget, venue, decor, and other details. The most important thing is to stick to the budget. It doesn’t matter whether the budget is great or small, you can make miracles happen with enough imagination.

It is also paramount to make sure you have a special section for your client or guest of honor. Sleek, professional signage always adds a classy touch.  The client wanted a sign that displayed her birthday statistics. 

As you can see from the photos, utilizing stemware with catchy themes as party favors, personalized balloons, and handmade centerpieces to further accentuate the ongoing theme are great ways to bring your client’s vision to life


The limits of your imagination and ingenuity are only limited by yourself. If you continue to draw a blank on ideas, conduct some research on your theme. You never know what juicy ideas you could be inspired to employ!

Planning themed birthday parties doesn’t have to be hard. Listen to the client’s wishes, adhere to the budget, plan, and execute with precision! By following these simple steps, you can rest assure that “It’s Handled”!

Vendor Credits:

Photography, styling, Rose ball centerpieces, birthday stat sign, wine glass favors and personalized balloons: Lavish Parties and Prints by Talia

Cake and Pushpops: Brandi Peterson

Restaurant: Fishbone's Rhytm Cafe'

Lavish Parties and Prints by Talia (formally know as Talia's Creative Printing)

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