Are you using your Call to Action for Facebook Pages? Use NOW!

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As all facebook business owners may know that facebook is contantly making changes to it's brand pages. Some good and some not so good. Most of us still struggle with page and post views on a daily basis.

However facebook made a good change by adding "Call to action" buttons on our pages.  This feature was added about a year ago and some people still are not aware that's it's available or what it does.

Page admins can select from a list of "Call to action" buttons to add to the top of their page. There are You can choose one of the seven calls to action available:
Book Now
Contact Us
Use App
Play Game
Shop Now
Sign Up
Watch Video

If you visit our facebook page we chose the "Shop Now" call to action.  We chose to add our website link.

Once your button has been created you can do the following:
Test your button to see if it's working
Promote your button
View insights and statistcal data pertaining to your button 
Edit your button-You can choose another button action at any time.

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